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QR codes are one of the coolest tool in marketing today. They help instantly connect offline world with online information through the use of mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Placing custom QR code on your billboard, poster, vehicle wrap, id card, brochure or any marketing collateral will not only give you an attractive and unique look but what’s more important it will easily and effectively deliver valuable information to your audience.

You can connect your custom qr code to basically anything you like: campaign landing page, your website, facebook, twitter, linked in, instagram, youtube or other social media profile. Think how you can connect custom qr code.

qr code scnas up to 300%


scans up to


Beautifully designed and integrated with your brand identity custom qr codes work drive much more attention than regular black and white codes. Let us make your advertisement stand out from the crowd!

Unique QR Code Design

Why we are the right team to do
the work

Unique design

Every project is unique so our design. We style all our custom qr codes 100% manualy. You can also take a part in the design process if you like.

Creative solutions

The project starts with an idea and the ideas comes from experience. Before we start we always analyze your request and adjust the appropriate solution.

Match your Brand

Our designers collect in prior all necessary information about your brand, products and services. This helps us match the design to your needs as close as possible.

Track and analyse

Every campaign needs a report. We can help you track and measure traffic coming from your custom qr code campaigns.

Best Quality

We make all our custom qr codes in truly vecors, that means you can use the design for every purpose and don’t worry about the quality.

Continusly tested

During the process we make sure the code is scannable at any time. For this we use all major scanners to minimalize the risk of failure.

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